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Great Again

The US elections on November 3rd. will decide the future of the world for decades to come.

The shock-wave of Coronavirus throws us at a crossroads between isolationism and full globalization.

“Earth our Country” offers a revolutionary vision for the sustainable civilization of our future.

Imagine That There Is No Country

Earth is The only one

What used to be the outer World is becoming our Country.

We are the children of the first wave of globalization. We love the place where we grew up as much as the one where we now live.  

We are starting to call Earth Our Country…

Borders are vanishing. The Planet is now turning into our finite geographic, economic and cultural setting. The economy, the Internet, viruses and lifestyles are already global.

However, our fragmented political models are lagging far behind. Our historic legacy of fully sovereign countries prevents us from reaching global coherence. The competition among nations and the lack of a grand plan for Humanity makes our civilization non-sustainable. Man-made global warming is derailing our global village.

We need unification, we need global institutions to match the scale of the challenges that we are now facing as the masters of a finite planet.

To build a sustainable society, we miss a political system that pools and leverages our shared resources and builds a vision for Mankind.

We must execute global solutions to resolve global problems.

The anarchy of our independent countries ruling everything on Earth leaves us all without a pilot.

Our generation is living through another revolution. When hunter-gatherers discovered agriculture, they made the Neolithic revolution, and became the Homo sapiens Sapiens, giving birth to 10,000 years of nation-centric History. The discovery of the magic seed culminated with our undisputed conquest and domination of the Planet.

Now, we are the first generation to discover the impact of our victory on the ecosystem. We have re-invented human normality into a second-life, parallel to Nature – Nature’s death knell. The only solution that we have to respond is: nations.

At the same time, we are starting to realize  that we are all the same people as we travel, migrate, communicate   and work together across the globe. 

We are the first Homo sapiens Universalis. We are making the second revolution of Mankind: the Global revolution.

The barrier we now all face is political. We remain totally fragmented and disjointed.

If we are now global at least economically and connected through the Internet, all the laws are local and borders still rule everything else.

Our nations can take us backwards. They can prevent us from unifying. They can prevent the resolution of our ecologic Great Wall.

The US has led the free-world and economic globalization, in particular since 1991, with the end of the USSR and China joining capitalism.

After Donald Trump’s  isolationist policy and now the aftermath of Coronavirus, our fragile world order is hitting a wall. The world has lost its pacemaker. Nationalism is back.

Unless we elect Joe Biden on November 3rd.

Then we can make Earth great again. To get us all back on tracks, we can envision a global democratic federation.  Barack Obama should lead the global institutional changes needed to rally all democracies of the world around a common cause: stability and sustainability for everyone on Earth.



A call for action

Download the free “Earth our Country” PDF. Take your time to read it and to make notes. Reflect on it.

Pass it to your friends and network – a “share” button will do it automatically for you on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Exchange your feedback on the forum, it will be invaluable to all of us.

When ready with your point of view: you can join us and register.

Then raise your voice. Think how you can influence our politicians and public opinion.

If you are American, vote for Joe.

Greatness is at our fingertips.

Earth our Country

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