A Word From Our Founder

First, let me promise that “Earth our Country” is and will remain a non-profit initiative.

It’s free. There is no money at stake. There is no individual beneficiary. There is no religion. There is no partisanship.

It’s a vision for our future, for those who care about the destiny of the world. 

We share a passion for trying to make sense out of the complex non-sense facing us every day.

We only have our own life to make a difference.

I am only asking you to read the manifesto.

If you reach your own “aha” moment, then share it with your network and join us to help the cause.

Universally yours,




Alain is a business and technology executive with a passion for geopolitics and ecologic sustainability.

He wrote the first version of “Earth our Country” over ten years ago, now with almost 100,000 followers.

Born in France, he has lived in eight countries and states, now a US citizen and resident.

His day-job is to design and execute strategic corporate transformations at scale with integrity and human respect. 

He has led global companies around the world, three times as CEO and three times as Group or Regional President.